In the consul's uniform

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Consul Descombes is a married man, but yearns for long nights with female companionship in Paris. As fate would have it, one day he receives a letter from a former acquaintance named Lulu, who wants to take him to Paris. Descombes leaves under the pretence of going on a business trip. During his trip, the wife is visited by the consul’s superior and the nation’s prince, Louis XXXVIII. Much hilarity ensues.
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Original title En nydelig Ægtemand
Danish title En nydelig Ægtemand
Other titles I Konsulens Klæder, Herr Generalkonsulen, Naar Manden gaar paa Børsen
Director Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen
Screenplay Paul Sarauw
Director of Photography Carl Ferdinand Fischer
Appearance Oscar Stribolt, Johanne Fritz-Petersen, Bertel Krause, Lauritz Olsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 875 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 03.02.1914
Cinemas Panoptikon
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen


Script Paul Sarauw


Cinematography Carl Ferdinand Fischer


Descombes, konsul Oscar Stribolt
Mme. Descombes, konsulens frue Johanne Fritz-Petersen
Louis XXVIII, regerende fyrste Bertel Krause
D'Artagnau, fyrstens adjudant Lauritz Olsen
Jean, tjener hos Descombes Carl Alstrup
Antoinette, pige hos Descombes Olga Svendsen
Lulu, en pige med let moral Agnes Andersen
Appearance Holger Syndergaard
Appearance Paula Ruff
Appearance Oluf Billesborg
Appearance Franz Skondrup
Appearance Ingeborg Jensen
Appearance Ebba Lorentzen

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