Anders Johannes Bukh, Denmark, 2014

100 min.DK/Feature

Four young filmmakers travel deep into the woods to shoot a horror film. While trying to find their desired location, they get lost. During the filming of a scene, one of the actors disappears only to return hours later, naked and in a catatonic state. He falls into a coma and their only hope is to get back to civilization. They try to call for help, but their phones fail. Soon mysterious events start to unfold and the group finds themselves followed by something strange and terrifying.
Chased by something unknown, the filmmakers take shelter in a secret abandoned military base, deep underground. They can hide, the question is for how long.
Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Encounters
Danish title Encounters
Director Anders Johannes Bukh
Screenplay Anders Johannes Bukh
Producer Anders Johannes Bukh, Kasper Graversen
Editor Anders Johannes Bukh
Sound Thomas Goschebart, Jon Lundby Nielsen, Andreas Kongsgaard
Casting Louise Løber Elligsøe
Appearance Jacob Guldager, Kristian Fjord, Signe M. Sørensen, Casper Sloth
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution CinemaxX Danmark A/S
Danish theatrical release 30.10.2014
Cinemas CinemaxX, CinemaxX (Odense), CinemaxX (Århus) Samt 31. OKTOBER:
Valby: Valby Kino
Aalborg: Biffen Art Cinema
Kolding: Nicolai Biograf
Faaborg: Helios Teatret
Sønderborg: Sønderborghus
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company
Executive Producer The Kompany Entertainment, Bukh Film, Dansk Film Kompagni
In collaboration with Nordisk Film Audio
Domestic distribution CinemaxX Danmark A/S


Direction Anders Johannes Bukh
Casting Louise Løber Elligsøe
Consultant Marianne B. Ipsen


Screenplay Anders Johannes Bukh
Script consultant Lars C. Detlefsen


Producer Anders Johannes Bukh
Producer Kasper Graversen
Executive producer Kasper Roth
Executive producer Kim Magnusson
Executive producer Kristian Fjord
Executive producer Jacob Guldager
Executive producer Casper Sloth
Executive producer Signe M. Sørensen
Associate producer Line Noelle
Associate producer Mathilde Guldhammer Vinding
Production manager Mathilde Guldhammer Vinding
Location manager Claus Vedel
Location manager Christer Sefbom
Location scout Kasper Vindahl
Post Producer Andy Buck
Producer's assistant Veronica Snerle Holsting
Production assistant Jonas Thorbjørn
Production assistant Simone Rosenborg
Production assistant Kent Overgaard Petersen
Production assistant Mette Mai Smith
Production assistant Stefan Kullenberg
Production assistant Dennis Bystedt


Editor Anders Johannes Bukh
Editing supervisor Per K. Kirkegaard
Editing supervisor Kasper Leick
Editing supervisor Mikael Ebbesen


Music Anders Johannes Bukh
Music Mikael Balle


Sound engineer Thomas Goschebart
Sound engineer Jon Lundby Nielsen
Sound editor Morten Pilegaard
Sound designer Andreas Kongsgaard
Sound effect editor Kevin Koch
Sound effect editor Christian Scheuer
Sound mixer Morten Pilegaard
Sound mixer Flemming Christensen
Foley artist Erik S. Watland
Sound assistant Lasse Joen Sørensen
Sound supervisor Steffen Addington
Dubbing Søren Vejby
Sound consultant Peter Mendonca

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Mikael Balle
VFX Emma Lidé
3D models Anders Poulsen
Art work Mikael Balle
Art work Anders Johannes Bukh
DCP mastering Flemming Rieland
DCP mastering Thomas Caspersen


Appearance Jacob Guldager
Appearance Kristian Fjord
Appearance Signe M. Sørensen
Appearance Casper Sloth
Appearance Anders Johannes Bukh
Appearance Claus Vedel
Appearance Peter Bjørneg

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