A Year Forever

Pauline Merrildgaard, Denmark, 2020

54 min.DK/Documentary

In a roller-coaster of large and small moments, we are invited inside a magical boyhood universe during a decisive year at a boarding school for lower secondary students. At the Kastanievej boarding school for lower secondary students, Isaac, Oskar and Sylvester are for the first time away from home, for an entire year. Filled with energy and curiosity, fear and confusion, they try to navigate everything from their first love and who they want to be, to what might happen if they smear tiger balm under their eyes. The sensitivity and great rush of adolescence are attentively captured in the film from the inside of a boyhood universe, and the feeling of being young in Copenhagen right now.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Et år for evigt
Danish title Et år for evigt
Director Pauline Merrildgaard
Producer Malou Bækgaard Jakobsen, Kristian Kjær Pugholm
Director of Photography Pauline Merrildgaard
Editor Sebastian Diaz Håkonsen
Sound Nanna Dam-Henriksen
Composer Søren Bang
Appearances Oskar Diermayr, Isak Enghoff Friis, Sylvester Bjørn Villads Petersen
Production country Denmark


With support from Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Pauline Merrildgaard


Producer Malou Bækgaard Jakobsen
Producer Kristian Kjær Pugholm


Cinematographer Pauline Merrildgaard
First assistant camera Sarah Poss


Editor Sebastian Diaz Håkonsen


Composer Søren Bang


Sound designer Nanna Dam-Henriksen
Sound design assistant Martin Broch
Sound design assistant Marie Dollerup-Nielsen

Visual effects

Colourist Jonas Vestergaard
Graphic design Louis Montes
Online Victor Mathiesen


Appearance Oskar Diermayr
Appearance Isak Enghoff Friis
Appearance Sylvester Bjørn Villads Petersen

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