An aerial attack on Padua

Italy, 1917


Between 28-30 December 1917, Padua suffered three air raids by Austrian aircraft. After the first, The Times of London reported:
"December 29. : Yesterday evening at 9 p.m. enemy airmen, true to their innate barbarian impulses, which have been revived by the defeat they suffered on December 26 at Treviso, bombarded the inhabited parts of Treviso, Montebelluna, Castelfranco, and Padua, all open cities".
"In the centre of Padua, where the population is densest and the finest monuments are more numerous, eight bombs were dropped, killing 13 persons and wounding 60. Among the casualties, for the most part women and children, there are only six soldiers. No monument was damaged. There was no damage done or casualties caused in the other cities."
The subsequent raids, however, did cause damage to the Cathedral, bringing a protest from the Pope, as well as more casualties. The newsreel shows the Cathedral, among other extensive damage to the city. The film opens with soldiers inspecting a crashed Austrian plane, and ends with the funeral of the victims of the bombardment.
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Original title Et luftangreb paa Padua
Danish title Et luftangreb paa Padua
Production country Italy
International sales
Technical info 170 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, tinted, Silent
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