A difficult girl

Christian Petersen, Denmark, 1912

DK/FeatureSilent films

A girl from a poor fishing family grows up with her grandmother and an orphaned boy whom they have taken in. Although the two children, Hans and Grethe, are inseparable, they eventually have to go their separate ways: Hans sets out to sea while Grethe is adopted by a countess who has been captivated by the lively, spirited child of nature. On the estate, men flock around Grethe, fighting to win her favour. But it seems as if Grethe’s heart belongs somewhere else.
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Original title Et pokkers Pigebarn
Danish title Et pokkers Pigebarn
Director Christian Petersen
Screenplay Christian Petersen
Appearance Vera Brechling, Christian Petersen, Tonny Lehmann, Valdemar Keller
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Biorama
Technical info 35 mm, Silent
Danish theatrical release 24.06.1912
Cinemas Kæmpebiografen
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Production company Filmfabrikken Skandinavien
Domestic distribution Biorama


Direction Christian Petersen


Script Christian Petersen


Hendes Nåde Vera Brechling
Jægermesteren Christian Petersen
Jægermesterens søn Tonny Lehmann
Kammerjunkeren Valdemar Keller
Baronen Hans Kayrød
Lærer i fransk Jørgen Lund
En negerbonne Olga Svendsen
En gouvernante Kate Fabian
Den gamle præst Frederik Christensen
Bedstemo'er Elisabeth Christensen
Hans Orla Knoblauch
Hans Edvard Jacobsen
Grethe Gudrun Hansen
Grethe Ingeborg Cornelius

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