Five days for Peace

Nils Vest, Denmark, 1978

40 min.DK/Documentary

In June 1973 the NATO Council of Ministers held a conference in Copenhagen. Therefore the theatre of action, SOLVOGNEN, sent out a group of picked troops to maintain order. The film is constructed as a pro-NATO film and we watch as the AMF protect ministers, clear left-wing demonstrations, do sight-seeing in Copenhagen, and we are shown scenes from a NATO-performance in the Grey Hall.
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Original title Fem dage for freden
Danish title Fem dage for freden
Other titles 5 dage for freden, Natofilmen
Keywords Solvognen, Street performance, NATO, Demonstrations
Director Nils Vest
Screenplay Nils Vest
Director of Photography Gregers Nielsen, Freddy Tornberg
Editor Nils Vest
Sound Preben Nygaard, Peter Sakse, Sven Nørgård
Appearances Solvognen
Production country Denmark
Production company Nils Vest Film
Domestic distribution Folkefilmen, Dansk Filmcentrum
Technical info 16 mm, Sound
Danish theatrical release 18.10.1978
Cinemas Husets Biograf sammen med "Hellere rig og rask ...".


Production company Nils Vest Film
Domestic distribution Folkefilmen, Dansk Filmcentrum


Direction Nils Vest


Script Nils Vest


Production Ebbe Preisler


Cinematography Gregers Nielsen
Cinematography Freddy Tornberg


Editing Nils Vest
Assistant editor Grete Møldrup


Sound Preben Nygaard
Sound Peter Sakse
Sound Sven Nørgård


Voiceover John Overgaard


Appearance Solvognen

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