Clint Eastwood, United States, 1982

121 min.Feature

Basic information Credits Materials
Original title Firefox
Danish title Firefox
Director Clint Eastwood
Screenplay Alex Lasker, Wendell Wellman
Based on Roman af Craig Thomas.
Director of Photography Bruce Surtees
Editor Ferris Webster, Ron Spang
Sound Don Johnson, Les Fresholtz, Arthur Piantadosi, Dick Alexander
Production designer John Graysmark, Elayne Ceder, Thomas Riccabona, Ernie Bishop
Appearance Clint Eastwood, Freddie Jones, David Huffman, Warren Clarke
Production country United States
Domestic distribution Warner & Metronome
Technical info 35 mm, 2,35:1 Scope, Deluxe, Dolby stereo
Danish theatrical release 08.10.1982
Cinemas Imperial, Scala (Holstebro), Bio Trio, Kosmorama (Århus), Bio 5 (Aalborg), Drive In Bio, Grand (Odense), Kino (Kolding), Slots Bio (Randers), Lido (Vejle)
TV release 19.03.1995, TV 2
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Production company The Malpaso Company
Domestic distribution Warner & Metronome


Direction Clint Eastwood
Assistant director Steve Perry
Assistant director David Valdes
Assistant director Don French


Script Alex Lasker
Script Wendell Wellman


Production Clint Eastwood
Executive producer Frank Warner
Executive producer Fritz Manes
Production assistant Paul Hitchcock


Cinematography Bruce Surtees
Cinematographer Doug Smith
Cinematographer Bruno George
Cinematographer Mark Gredell
Cinematographer Greg Heschong
Cinematographer Jerry Pooler
Cinematographer John Sullivan
Cinematographer Jack N. Green
Cinematographer Matt Beck
Cinematographer David B. Nowell


Editing Ferris Webster
Editing Ron Spang


Music tapes Donald Harris

Production design

Production designer John Graysmark
Production designer Elayne Ceder
Production designer Thomas Riccabona
Production designer Ernie Bishop


Wardrobe Glenn Wright


Sound Don Johnson
Sound Les Fresholtz
Sound Arthur Piantadosi
Sound Dick Alexander
Sound effects Bub Asman
Sound effects Alan Robert Murray

Special effects

Special effects Chuck Gaspar
Special effects Karl Baumgartner


Appearance Clint Eastwood
Appearance Freddie Jones
Appearance David Huffman
Appearance Warren Clarke
Appearance Ronald Lacey
Appearance Kenneth Colley
Appearance Klaus Löwitsch
Appearance Nigel Hawthorne
Appearance Stefan Schnabel
Appearance Thomas Hill
Appearance Clive Merrison
Appearance Kai Wulff
Appearance Dimitra Arliss
Appearance Austin Willis
Appearance James Staley
Appearance Ward Costello
Appearance Alan Tilvern
Appearance Oliver Cotton
Appearance Michael Currie
Appearance Bernard Behrens
Appearance Richard Derr
Appearance Woody Eney
Appearance Bernard Erhard
Appearance Hugh Fraser
Appearance David Gant
Appearance John Grillo
Appearance Czeslaw Grocholski
Appearance Barrie Houghton
Appearance Neil Hunt
Appearance Vincent J. Isaacs
Appearance Alexei Jawdokimov
Appearance Phillip Littell
Appearance Wolf Kahler
Appearance Eugene Lipinski
Appearance Curt Lowens
Appearance Lev Mailer
Appearance Fritz Manes
Appearance David Meyers
Appearance Alfredo Michelson
Appearance Zenno Nahayevsky
Appearance George Orrison
Appearance Tony Papenfuss
Appearance Olivier Pierre
Appearance Grisha Plotkin
Appearance George Pravda
Appearance John Ratzenberger
Appearance Alex Rodine
Appearance Lance Rosen
Appearance Eugene Scherer
Appearance Warrick Sims
Appearance Mike Spero
Appearance Malcolm Storry
Appearance Chris Winfield
Appearance John Yates
Appearance Alexander Zale
Appearance Igor Zatsepin
Appearance Konstantin Zlatev

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