The Rain People

Francis Ford Coppola, United States, 1969

101 min.Feature

Having discovered that she is pregnant, Natalie Ravenna (Shirley Knight), a Long Island housewife panics and leaves home to see if she might just possibly have made something different out of herself; if she can manage to unshackle her grocery list worth of responsibilities that add up to a life with a husband she loves. In a motel room where Natalie stops to rest during the day, she sits motionless on the bed, and experiences the exuberance of complete freedom and the queasy feelings of new beginnings. Natalie continues on with her journey and picks up a young hitch-hiker -Killer (James Caan), an attractive brain-damaged football player. It is through Killer that poses a more disturbing question to Natalie than that of domestic responsibility. How deeply are we wedded to chance meetings and are we responsible for the crimes that we witness?
Basic information Credits
Original title The Rain People
Danish title Flygtig som regnen
Director Francis Ford Coppola
Screenplay Francis Ford Coppola
Director of Photography Wilmer Butler
Editor Blackie Malkin
Composer Ronald Stein
Appearance James Caan, Shirley Knight, Robert Duvall
Production country United States
Domestic distribution Warner
Technical info 35 mm, Normal, Technicolor, Sound
Danish theatrical release 17.04.1970
Cinemas Carlton
TV release 27.04.1991, TV 2
Danish rating Children under 16 not admitted
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Production company Warner Bros.
Domestic distribution Warner


Direction Francis Ford Coppola


Script Francis Ford Coppola


Production Bart Patton
Production Jack Cunningham


Cinematography Wilmer Butler


Editing Blackie Malkin


Music Ronald Stein


Appearance James Caan
Appearance Shirley Knight
Appearance Robert Duvall

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