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Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman : Walking Away From The Wreck

Jennifer Fox, Denmark, 2006

59 min., DK/Documentary

In 6-hour episodes, the director maps the world of female life and sexuality today - from the dramatic turns in her own life to the stories of women around the globe. Stories that shed light on the universal issues all women face. Filmed over five years, the director travelled to over 17 countries in search of what it means to be a free woman. Employing groundbreaking camera techniques, the series creates a new type of documentary language and storytelling that mirrors the special way women communicate.
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Danish title Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman : Forlader den synkende skude
Other titles Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman, Walking Away From The Wreck, Forlader den synkende skude
Keywords Kvinder, Kvinders vilkår, Kønsroller
Director Jennifer Fox
Screenplay Jennifer Fox
Producer Claus Ladegaard, Jennifer Fox
Director of Photography Jennifer Fox
Composer Jan Tillman Schade
Appearances Jennifer Fox
Production country Denmark
Production companies Zohe Film, Easy Film
Festival information Danish Film Institute
Danish festival release 30.11.2006, IDFA: Amsterdam
TV release 20.08.2007, TV 2
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all


Direction Jennifer Fox


Script Jennifer Fox


Producer Claus Ladegaard
Producer Jennifer Fox
Production manager Julie Køster
Associate producer Arielle Amsalem
Co-producer Kerthy Fix
Co-producer Amy Foote


Cinematographer Jennifer Fox


Stills Jennifer Fox


Editor Niels Pagh Andersen
Editor Amy Foote


Music Jan Tillman Schade


Sound engineer Peter Schultz


Appearance Jennifer Fox

Visual effects

Colorgrading Peter Kornbek


Production companies Zohe Film, Easy Film

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Maribor, DokMa 2007-11-02
Malmö, M: Dox 2007-10-26
Reykjavik Film Festival 2007-09-27
Malmö Folkets Bio 2007-08-18
Toronto, Hot Docs Int. Documentary Festival 2007-04-19
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2007-03-16
Tel Aviv Docaviv Int. Documentary Film Festival 2007-03-15
ZagrebDox 2007-02-26
Sundance Film Festival 2007-01-18
Amsterdam, IDFA 2006-11-23
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