From the Depths of the City

Carl Alstrup, Denmark, 1910

31 min.DK/FeatureDrama, Crime filmSilent films

A wealthy estate-owner travels to Copenhagen to experience what life is like in the city. Once there, he happens upon the beautiful young Clara and her brother, who take him to various pubs, to the Copenhagen Zoo, the airport and Tivoli Gardens. However, it comes to light that Charles is not Clara’s brother, but rather her fiancé, and that they are two of the city’s most notorious con-artists. The naïve estate-owner’s blood alcohol content is unfortunately already sky high, and it’s only at this point he realises who he is in the company of.

In the scene at the airport, the famous pilot Alfred Nervø (1879-1921) can be seen starting his plane.
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Original title Fra det mørke København
Danish title Fra det mørke København
Other titles Fra Storstadens Dyb, Forbryderliv, I Bondefangerklør
Director Carl Alstrup
Screenplay Carl Alstrup
Appearance Carl Alstrup, Emilie Sannom, Arvid Ringheim, Jørgen Lund
Production country Denmark
Technical info 650 meter, 35 mm, Normal, tinted, Silent
Danish theatrical release 29.09.1910
Cinemas Edison Biograf
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Production company Biorama


Direction Carl Alstrup


Script Carl Alstrup


Bondefangeren Carl Alstrup
Carla, bondefangerens veninde Emilie Sannom
Opdageren Arvid Ringheim
Kneipevært Jørgen Lund
Kneipeværtens hustru Kate Fabian
Proprietærens hustru Sigrid Creutz Hindborg
Politiassistent Carl Petersen

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