Saved from the Path of Transgression

Ubekendt, Denmark, 1913

DK/FeatureDrama, MelodramaSilent films

Margrethe is in love with Worm, who only sees her as a fleeting youthful infatuation. When he suddenly leaves, he abandons both Margrethe and their unborn son. Fate leads them down vastly different paths, and their son Hans grows up and is forced to become a criminal. One day, Worm decides to seek out the woman and child he’d abandoned, and the first meeting between father and son turns out to be quite different from what he’d imagined.
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Original title Frelst fra Forbrydelsens Vej
Danish title Frelst fra Forbrydelsens Vej
Director Ubekendt
Appearance Arnold Petersen, Helga Tønnesen, Aage Brandt, Elith Pio
Production country Denmark
Technical info 916 meter, 35 mm, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 20.08.1913
Cinemas Biorama
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Production company Filmfabrikken Skandinavien


Direction Ubekendt


Worm, teologisk kandidat, senere præst Arnold Petersen
Margrete, sypige Helga Tønnesen
Frantzen, skomager Aage Brandt
Hans, Worms og Margrethes søn Elith Pio
Mads Donner, tyv i bande Lauritz Hansen
Jørgen Pasop, tyv i bande Max Hansen
Lille Frederik, tyv i bande Tonny Lehmann
Smukke Ingeborg, tyv i bande Lily Jansen
Thompson, amerikansk fabrikant Fritz Lamprecht
Elsie, Thompsons datter Anna Müller
Waltin, arbejdsformand Kaj Rasmussen
Mihe, en arbejder Alfred Kjøge

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