The bird that could tell fortunes

27 min.DK/DocumentaryChildren's films

"The Bird that Could Tell Fortunes" is a universal story about a boy, who together with his bird, sells fortune-telling cards to passers-by. The film is a true present-day picture of Persian culture and tradition, and with its expressive images it carries us into the mysticism of the Orient. As one of the directors grew up in Iran and is deeply rooted in the country, she sees the nuances and entirety that people living there do not notice: A bird that has flown away sees an entirety from above. The two directors are now making their third film in Iran. Common to all three films is that they are told with Danish stringency and aesthetics combined with love of the country and its people.
Basic information Credits
Original title Fuglen der kunne spå
Danish title Fuglen der kunne spå
Keywords Boys, Birds, Iran
Director Katia Forbert Petersen, Annette Mari Olsen
Producer Annette Mari Olsen, Katia Forbert Petersen
Director of Photography Katia Forbert Petersen
Editor Mahi Rahgozar, Irene G. Scholten
Composer Ann Falden
Production country Denmark
International sales Sfinx Film/TV ApS
Technical info color, Stereo
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Sfinx Film/TV


Direction Katia Forbert Petersen
Direction Annette Mari Olsen


Producer Annette Mari Olsen
Producer Katia Forbert Petersen


Cinematography Katia Forbert Petersen


Stills Katia Forbert Petersen
Director's portrait Hamid Karimian


Editing Mahi Rahgozar
Editing Irene G. Scholten


Music Ann Falden

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