Our Street

Moustapha Dao, France, 1989

15 min.Documentary

When school is out, the children take over the street. This is where they learn to fight and steal, where they fall in love and play football, where they dance, cook, make toys or musical instruments, keep shop... All the resourcefulness of these children from Burkina Faso is featured in a series of quick and humourous sketches.
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Original title À nous la rue
Danish title Gaden er vores
Keywords Children in foreign countries, School attendence, Africa
Director Moustapha Dao
Screenplay Suzanne Sanon
Director of Photography Moussa Diakite, Joseph Augustin Konde
Editor Véronique Lange
Sound Moustapha Dao, Issa Traore, Alain Garnier
Appearance Ludovic Ouedraogo, Oumar Konange, Tiémoko Kone
Production country France
Production company Moustapha Dao
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Production company Moustapha Dao


Direction Moustapha Dao


Script Suzanne Sanon


Production Moustapha Dao


Cinematography Moussa Diakite
Cinematography Joseph Augustin Konde


Editing Véronique Lange


Sound Moustapha Dao
Sound Issa Traore
Sound Alain Garnier


Appearance Ludovic Ouedraogo
Appearance Oumar Konange
Appearance Tiémoko Kone

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