Do your duty, insist on your rights

Bent Staalhøj, Denmark, 1985

40 min.DK/Documentary

A trade union in past and present. From the top to the man on the shop floor. Should one be satisfied with paying one's membership fee and otherwise keep one's mouth shut? Should one start fighting the apparatchiks, thus taking the risk of being called a RED PIG? Is the union for everyone, or only for the chosen few, the ones with the drop of blood pinned to their lapel?
Basic information Credits
Original title Gør din pligt, kræv din ret
Danish title Gør din pligt, kræv din ret
Director Bent Staalhøj
Screenplay Bent Staalhøj
Director of Photography Franco Invernizzi, Bent Staalhøj
Editor Kim Toftum, Bent Staalhøj
Sound Bent Staalhøj, Kim Toftum, Bent Staalhøj
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Bent Staalhøj


Script Bent Staalhøj


Cinematography Franco Invernizzi
Cinematography Bent Staalhøj


Editing Kim Toftum
Editing Bent Staalhøj


Sound Bent Staalhøj
Sound Kim Toftum
Sound Bent Staalhøj

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