The great mistake

Anders Berthelsen, Denmark, 2011

21 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

A Sicilian gangster family is facing a world of international competition and globalization. With questionable sense of priorities, the decision is made to put all of their resources into a far more important matter: Settling an old score with someone who has evaded them for thirty years... A certain Giuseppe Baldini has been spotted in Venice. Why is this man so important? What has he done to upset the old Don? And how good is the family's very best hit man at the end of the day?
Only one thing is certain: Giuseppe Baldini must die.
Basic information Credits
Original title The great mistake
Danish title The great mistake
Keywords mob, The
Director Anders Berthelsen
Screenplay Rune Christensen, Dylan Sisson, Anders Berthelsen
Producer Ellen Birgitte Riis, Kirstine Dollerup
Sound Brian Dyrby
Composer Søren Bigum
Production country Denmark
International sales Ja Film
Technical info color
Danish festival release 28.04.2011, Cinemateket, CPH-PIX 2011
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Ja Film


Direction Anders Berthelsen


Script Rune Christensen
Script Dylan Sisson
Script Anders Berthelsen


Producer Ellen Birgitte Riis
Producer Kirstine Dollerup
Production manager Miriam Nejsum
Production assistant Maria Stokholm Wernicke
Executive producer Rune Christensen


Music Søren Bigum


Sound Brian Dyrby


The consigliere + The don Mark White
Giuseppe Baldini Peter Galser
Assassin Lawrence Marvit
Donny Rune Christensen


Animation Peter Smith
Animation Jeanette Nørgaard
Animation Mette Ilene Holmriis
Animation Jannick Aarup Grool
Animation Jouko Keskitalo
Animation Ercan Bozdogan

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