Get to know Me

Tommy Thore Ipsen, Denmark, 2009

14 min.DK/Short fiction

Get To Know Me is a fragmentet love story about the souls of two lovers, who are stuck in a never ending time-carousel. The question is: what does it take to stop the carousel.
The Film is told through a further development of the Rotoscoping technique. It is shot in Denmark with Brittish actors playing the main characters and 100% on green screen.
The backdrops are mainly processed still images from Berlin.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Gtkm
Danish title Gtkm
Director Tommy Thore Ipsen
Screenplay Rune Nøhr Christiansen, Tommy Thore Ipsen
Director of Photography Alex Almbjerg
Editor Lars Lyngstadaas, David Wigram, Flemming Boutrup, Christina Jul Gregersen
Composer Agnes Tine
Production country Denmark


With support from Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Tommy Thore Ipsen


Script Rune Nøhr Christiansen
Script Tommy Thore Ipsen


Cinematography Alex Almbjerg


Editing Lars Lyngstadaas
Editing David Wigram
Editing Flemming Boutrup
Editing Christina Jul Gregersen


Music Agnes Tine

Visual effects

Colourist Christopher Bonnor

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