Health for Denmark

Torben Anton Svendsen, Denmark, 1947

16 min.DK/Documentary

The film gives in outline picture of the general health organisation of Denmark. The basic health services of Denmark are administered by Sick Clubs (Sygekasser), governed by popularly elected committees, and financed partly by member's subscriptions, and partly by contributions from the state. 90% of the population are active members, paying the full rates, and drawing full benefits.
The film takes an imaginary Danish provinsial town, and introduces us to the committee governing a Sick Club. Among others the committee comprises a postman, a tobacconist and a shoemaker. The chairman is a tanner. We visit the club offices and meet a typical member, the wife of a taxi-driver. We learn what she and her family get out of the Club. We then follow her husband who has a mild attack of pneumonia, to the Central Hospital. We learn something of the organisation of the new Central Hospitals, of which there is now one in each county. They supply a service beyond the reach of the smaller General Hospitals which are still freely used for cases without complications. Each Central Hospital is governed by a committee appointed by the local municipal council and the county. It consists of laymen and not doctors.
Spoken English commentary.
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Original title Health for Denmark
Danish title Health for Denmark
International titles La santé au Danemark
Other titles Social Denmark III
Keywords Hospitals, Sick-benefit associations, Social services, 1940-1949
Director Torben Anton Svendsen
Screenplay Arthur Elton
Producer Arthur Elton
Director of Photography Erik Ole Olsen
Sound Erik Rasmussen
Composer Poul Schierbeck
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral, Udenrigsministeriets Pressebureau
Technical info 504 meter, 35 mm, Sound
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Production company Palladium
Executive Producer Ministeriernes Filmudvalg
Commissioned by Arbejds- og Socialministeriet, Ministeriernes Filmudvalg, Sundhedsstyrelsen
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral, Udenrigsministeriets Pressebureau


Direction Torben Anton Svendsen


Script Arthur Elton


Producer Arthur Elton


Cinematography Erik Ole Olsen


Music Poul Schierbeck


Sound Erik Rasmussen


eng. version Ralph Elton
fr. version Francois Coustère
fr. version Francois Löchen
fr. version Therése Camos

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