Hempel - a Global Entrepreneur

Lasse Jensen, Denmark, 2006

34 min.DK/Documentary

Legally being a minor, J.C. Hempel (1894-1986) had a secure written permission from his father when he established Hempel Marine Paints in 1915. Over the years he turned his little Danish company into a global enterprise which now has more than 3,500 employees in 83 countries. The first few liters of marine paints sold in 1915 grew over the next 90 years to 225 million liters in 2005 - for maritime, decorative, construction and general protective purposes. J.C. Hempel's strong charisma, unorthodox management style and transnational business skills were the core of the company in the 71 years he was at the helm. Based on archive material and interviews with former and present Hempel employees and executives, many of whom were hired by Mr. Hempel, Danish documentary maker Lasse Jensen has made this award-winning documentary. He puts it like this: "The Hempel Foundation asked me if I could make a film about the unique 'spirit' that prevails in the Hempel Group of Companies. I said that was impossible. But I could try to make a film about Mr. Hempel - and maybe it would turn out to be a film about the unique Hempel spirit and style."
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Original title Hempel - a Global Entrepreneur
Danish title Hempel - a Global Entrepreneur
Keywords Hempel, J.C., Denmark
Director Lasse Jensen
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish,English
Production company Jensen & Kompagni


Production company Jensen & Kompagni
Commissioned by Hempel Fonden


Direction Lasse Jensen
Visual director Ole Roos


Production manager MarieLouise Sjølie Thygesen


Camera operator Steen Dalin
Camera operator Ole Roos


Off-ine editor Kristian Roos


Sound Kristian Roos

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