Andrea Stief, Denmark, 2020

13 min.DK/Short fiction

Jonas wakes up with a strange but overwhelmingly beautiful girl in his bed. She tells him, that he has been chosen to be the savior of the world. She is his guardian angel, and she will do anything to help him achieve his goal. Jonas asks for a blowjob, but that is the only thing, she is not allowed to help him with. Jonas is continuously stubborn and unwilling to take on his task, so the angel gives him the blowjob after all, resulting in the loss of her angel-powers. She is now human and no longer dependent on Jonas’ participation. She walks out the door to be the savior herself.
Basic information Credits
Original title Himmelknald
Danish title Himmelknald
Director Andrea Stief
Screenplay Andrea Stief
Producer Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh
Director of Photography Morten Jensen
Editor Mie Sofie Nielsen
Sound Valdemar Blaakilde Fink
Composer Daniel Bøgh Nielsen
Production designer Emilie Vigh
Appearance Nikolaj Groth, Carla Philip Røder, Coco Hjardemaal, Tue Heiberg
Production country Denmark
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Production company
Executive Producer A Drenna Production


Direction Andrea Stief
Extras coordinator Mathilde Staal Borup


Screenplay Andrea Stief


Producer Jasmine Hermann Naghizadeh
Post Producer Michala Bellerby
Post Producer Julie Ottosen
Unit manager Astrid Hoder
Production manager Clara Porsager
Production coordinator Frederik Westergaard
Production assistant Josephine Alexandra Abildtrup
Production assistant Jesse van de Sande
Production assistant Mathilde Pam Ziegler


Cinematographer Morten Jensen
First assistant camera Márton Kis
First assistant camera Kasper Loft Bylov
Clapper Michal Potton
Gaffer Jonathan Damborg
Gaffer Malik Thomas


Still photographer Márton Kis


Editor Mie Sofie Nielsen
Assistant editor Anna Bokelund


Composer Daniel Bøgh Nielsen

Production design

Production designer Emilie Vigh
Consultant Marie Helmer Svendsen


Costume on set Chili Beinhild
Dress design Emilie Galsgaard Dinesen


Makeup artist Louise Boch


Sound designer Valdemar Blaakilde Fink
Sound recordist Thomas Staugaard
Foley artist Torben Greve

Visual effects

Colourist Anders Bloch-Rose
VFX Asger Peder Mortensen
Poster artwork Martin Meincke


Jonas Nikolaj Groth
Engel Carla Philip Røder
Pige på bar Coco Hjardemaal
Ven på bar Tue Heiberg
Ven på bar Vitus Roar Müller
Smilende dame på gaden Miriam Majcherek
Smilende mand på gaden Jan E. Sørensen

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