Stairway to Heaven

Nils Vest, Denmark, 1997

59 min.DK/DocumentaryPortrait films

In 1748, when the Danish architect Lauritz de Thura designed a steeple fpr Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Savior's Church) on Christianshavn, he created a jewel of architecture which is simply one of the Baroques Era's most splendid works. How could a provincial one-horse town like Copenhagen sudenly provide the scenario for such an artistic tour de force ? And why did he choose the spiral as a motif ? Himmelstigen is an entertaining, informative and poetic documentary film. A swatch of Danish history, filled with dramas and intrigues. A documentation of an achievement of craftsmanship in the proces of restoration that almost matches the time when the steeple was first constructed. And then there is the story of how the architect died. Did he really leap out from the steeple because he suddenly discovered that it spiralled in the wrong direction ?
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Original title Himmelstigen
Danish title Himmelstigen
Other titles Frelseren
Keywords Architecture, Vor Frelsers Kirke, Churches, Copenhagen, Thura, Lauritz de
Director Nils Vest
Screenplay Nils Vest
Producer Nils Vest
Director of Photography Erik Norsker
Editor Jens Bidstrup
Sound Jens Bangskjær, Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen, Hans Packert, Jan Henningsen, Mikkel Bo
Composer Anders Koppel
Appearance William Vest-Lillesøe, Arne Jørgensen, John Hopalong Støckel, Hanne Birgitte Thingaa
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 16 mm, color
Danish theatrical release 21.11.1997
Cinemas Grand
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Nils Vest Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Nils Vest


Script Nils Vest


Production Nils Vest
Producer Nils Vest


Cinematography Erik Norsker
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Edvard Friis-Møller
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Simon Plum
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Nils Vest
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Ole Askman
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Morten Bruus
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Lars Beyer
Cinematographer: Additional shoot Dirk Brüel
Trick camera Hasse Christensen

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Stine Hein


Editing Jens Bidstrup


Music Anders Koppel


Sound Jens Bangskjær
Sound Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen
Sound Hans Packert
Sound Jan Henningsen
Sound Mikkel Bo
Sound editor Jan Henningsen
Sound editor Jens Bangskjær
Sound editor Brian Christiansen
Sound assistant Christian Dirach
Sound assistant Mikkel Sangstad


Voiceover Nils Vest


Appearance William Vest-Lillesøe
Appearance Arne Jørgensen
Appearance John Hopalong Støckel
Appearance Hanne Birgitte Thingaa
Appearance Per Carstensen
Appearance Preben Aalholt
Appearance Prins Joachim
Appearance Ole Frø Alstrup
Appearance Dag Hollerup
Appearance René Erp
Appearance Flemming Koch
Appearance Lauritz de Thurah
Appearance Carl Frederiksen
Appearance Hans Henrik Petersen

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