The Heart Virtuoso

Alfred Cohn, Denmark, 1916

DK/FeatureComedySilent films

The celebrated and vain cellist Karél impresses the royal couple with his virtuoso playing. When the princess invites Karél to go driving with her the following day, he convinces himself that she’s in love with him. He woos her ardently and sends her all the flowers he has received at the theatre. While waiting for a response, he falls asleep and dreams up all sorts of crazy scenarios for the outcome of his courting.
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Original title Hjertevirtuosen
Danish title Hjertevirtuosen
International titles Hjärtekrossaren
Director Alfred Cohn
Appearance Carl Alstrup, Knud Lumbye, Else Weng
Production country Denmark
Technical info 642 meter, 35 mm, Silent
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Production company Dania Biofilm Kompagni


Direction Alfred Cohn


Karél, cellovirtuos Carl Alstrup
Fyrsten Knud Lumbye
Fyrstinden Else Weng

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Program - stumfilm & mikro
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