I de unge Aar

Alfred Cohn, Denmark, 1915

DK/FeatureSilent films

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Original title I de unge Aar
Danish title I de unge Aar
Other titles Lille Anny og hendes Moder, Skoleinspektørens Datter
Director Alfred Cohn
Screenplay Martin Jørgensen, Kai Holberg
Director of Photography H.F. Rimmen
Appearance Ingeborg Bruhn Bertelsen, Carl Lauritzen, Maja Bjerre-Lind, Alma Hinding
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Fotorama
Technical info 35 mm, Silent
Danish theatrical release 22.10.1915
Cinemas Panoptikon
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Production company
Executive Producer Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Fotorama


Direction Alfred Cohn


Script Martin Jørgensen
Script Kai Holberg


Cinematography H.F. Rimmen


Lille Anny Ingeborg Bruhn Bertelsen
Rektor Claudius, Annys far Carl Lauritzen
Fru Claudius Maja Bjerre-Lind
Elly, rektorens datter uden for ægteskab Alma Hinding
Mag. Franck, forlovet med Elly Robert Schmidt
Appearance Ebba Lorentzen

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