None shall sleep

Christian Andersen, Denmark, 2020

87 min.DK/Feature

Maria is escaping an assault with her boyfriend, Jonas. At a diner by the road
they meet a young man, who invites them to a community, where he lives. The
community is led by the charismatic leader, Eliot. They live by self sufficiency, isolated from society. Maria is charmed by Eliot, and distances herself from Jonas. As secrets are revealed, Maria has to make hard decisions of moral in order to survive.
Basic information Credits
Original title Ingen skal sove
Danish title Ingen skal sove
Director Christian Andersen
Screenplay Christian Andersen, Hanna Rosland
Producer Hanna Rosland
Director of Photography Emil Borch Larsen
Editor Mikkel Juul Gregersen
Sound Denis Lundgren Eliassen, Denis Lundgren Eliassen, Troels Fløe Kristensen
Production designer Ida Grundfør Richter
Appearance Maria Winther Nørgaard, Jakob Schmidt Clausen, Thomas Biehl, Louise Bonde
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Mis. Label
Danish theatrical release 08.01.2020
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Production company SwulliFilm
With support from Filmværkstedet / Aarhus
Domestic distribution Mis. Label


Direction Christian Andersen
Assistant director Allan Andersen


Screenplay Christian Andersen
Screenplay Hanna Rosland
Consultant Nikolaj Terp


Producer Hanna Rosland
Production assistant Maria Glintborg Mouritsen
Unit manager Viktor Staffe


Cinematographer Emil Borch Larsen
First assistant camera Andreas Noes Brødsgaard
DIT Mikkel Juul Gregersen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Andreas Thorsted
Electrician assistant Aske Sørensen


Editor Mikkel Juul Gregersen
Assistant editor Nick Christensen
Assistant editor Frantz Nickelman


Music Cisser Mæhl
Music Alex Mørch

Production design

Production designer Ida Grundfør Richter


Makeup artist Emma Vilhelmsen


Sound engineer Denis Lundgren Eliassen
Boom operator Tobias Skipper
Sound designer Denis Lundgren Eliassen
Sound designer Troels Fløe Kristensen
Foley artist Denis Lundgren Eliassen
Foley artist Bjørn Dam

Visual effects

Colourist Kristopher Paterson


Maria Maria Winther Nørgaard
Jonas Jakob Schmidt Clausen
Eliot Thomas Biehl
Viola Louise Bonde
Oscar Magnus Haugaard Petersen
Less Simon Kongsted
Ilena Yvonne Andersen
Kiv Lasse Stage
Kasper Andreas Bo Isaksen

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