Instant karma

Dino Raymond Hansen, Denmark, 1992

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The Film Workshop's major project 1991 was based on the so-called 10 theses: 1. INSTANT KARMA is produced 29/4-21/6 91; 2. Lenght max. 3-4 min.; 3. Equipment and team 1 day; 4. Editing facilities 1 day; 5. 2 rolls of film; 6. Or 2 video tapes; 7. Or both film and video; 8. Scanning between film and video; 9. The work can be included in VideoXpress; 10. The director has all rights.
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Original title Instant karma
Danish title Instant karma
Director Dino Raymond Hansen
Screenplay Prami Larsen, Peter Witt, Hans Fabian Wullenweber, Anne Marie Kürstein
Director of Photography Edvard Friis-Møller, Ninna Ingemann Nielsen
Editor Prami Larsen, Maria Mac Dalland, Torben Skjødt Jensen
Sound Jens Bangsholt, Jenni Glasdam, Peter Witt, Peter Witt
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Dino Raymond Hansen


Script Prami Larsen
Script Peter Witt
Script Hans Fabian Wullenweber
Script Anne Marie Kürstein


Cinematography Edvard Friis-Møller
Cinematography Ninna Ingemann Nielsen


Editing Prami Larsen
Editing Maria Mac Dalland
Editing Torben Skjødt Jensen


Sound Jens Bangsholt
Sound Jenni Glasdam
Sound Peter Witt
Sound Peter Witt

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Program - stumfilm & mikro
Senere indgået materiale
Program - stumfilm & mikro
Senere indgået materiale
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