Thin Ice

Niels Gråbøl, Denmark, 1988

36 min.DK/Short fictionYouth films

A short fiction film for and about young people. Two girls - Signe and Liv - share an apartment. Signe is the »innocent« one who admires the life which Liv lives. She goes to bars and cafes, she takes drugs and has chance boy-friends, hoping for the »grand passion«. Signe, on the other hand, falls in love with a quite ordinary young fellow, but dares not tell it to her friend. A portrait of young people looking for love and a meaning of life - and a film about depression, with a harsh ending.
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Original title Jorden er giftig
Danish title Jorden er giftig
Keywords Girlfriends, Friendship, Young people, Suicide
Director Niels Gråbøl
Screenplay Niels Gråbøl
Producer Nikolaj Thide
Director of Photography Jacob Banke Olesen
Editor Morten Giese
Sound Sidsel Aas Mortensen
Composer Troels Bech Jessen
Production designer Tina Bækgaard
Appearance Sofie Gråbøl, Stine Bierlich, Pelle Koppel, Martin Brygmann
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Filmkompagniet Illusionen
Technical info 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 11.11.1988
Cinemas Vester Vov Vov, Grand, Café Biografen (Odense), Øst for Paradis (Århus)
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Filmkompagniet Illusionen
Domestic distribution Filmkompagniet Illusionen


Direction Niels Gråbøl


Script Niels Gråbøl


Producer Nikolaj Thide


Cinematography Jacob Banke Olesen

Electrical dept.

Electrical dept. Per Daumiller


Editing Morten Giese


Music Troels Bech Jessen

Production design

Production design Tina Bækgaard


Sound Sidsel Aas Mortensen


Signe Sofie Gråbøl
Liv Stine Bierlich
Daniel Pelle Koppel
Appearance Martin Brygmann
Appearance Carsten Fromberg
Appearance Giovanni Gambino
Appearance Torben Hellborn

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