The Earth is our Mother

Peter Elsass, Denmark, 1987

50 min.DK/Documentary

The film presents two Indian tribes in South America with different ways of survival. The Motilon Indians, living in the lowland of Venezuela are facing their ethnocide. They are living in an anarchistic structure with non-coersion and equality. They have not been able to organize themselves and to fight against the intruding white civilization. The Archuaco Indians, living in the mountains in the northern part of Colombia, are a hierarchic structured society, well organized with leaders and spokesmen. They have been able to throw out catholic missionaries and have established their own independent education. The director, Peter Elsass, has followed the two Indian tribes in the fight for survival during 16 years and has stayed eight times among them.
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Original title Jorden er vores mor
Danish title Jorden er vores mor
Keywords Indians, Cultural clashes, Living conditions, Latin America, Venezuela, Columbia, Culture, Jonestown, Mission
Director Peter Elsass
Screenplay Peter Elsass
Director of Photography Morten Bruus
Editor Niels Pagh Andersen
Sound Morten Bøttzauw
Composer Manu Noberto
Production country Denmark
Production company Foreningen Casablanca
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Danish theatrical release 01.11.1987
Cinemas Delta
TV release 05.04.1989, DR
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Foreningen Casablanca
Commissioned by Statens Filmcentral
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Peter Elsass


Script Peter Elsass


Cinematography Morten Bruus


Editing Niels Pagh Andersen


Music Manu Noberto


Sound Morten Bøttzauw

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