The lady with the camelias

Viggo Larsen, Denmark, 1907

14 min.DK/Short fictionDrama, Melodrama, AdaptionsSilent films

An adaptation of the 1852 play La dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas fils (from his own 1848 novel), the film follows the structure of the play and is divided into five acts, marked by title cards. Act 1: Armand Duval meets the courtesan Marguerite at a ball. When she suddenly feels ill, he is the only one to help her. Act 2: Armand and Marguerite have fallen in love, and she turns away her former lover, Baron Gustave. Act 3: Armand and Marguerite are living happily at a country house. While Armand is away, his father arrives, and tells Marguerite that her questionable reputation has put Armand's entire family in disrepute. She sacrifices herself and leaves Armand. Act 4: In a gambling-hall a year later, the two meet again. Armand is still bitter because he believes that Marguerite has left him for lack of love. He throws money in her face to mark her as a whore. Act 5: Marguerite lies dying from tuberculosis in an attic room. Armand arrives and they declare their love for each other, whereupon she dies.
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Original title Kameliadamen
Danish title Kameliadamen
Other titles The lady with the camelias
Director Viggo Larsen
Based on Efter A. Dumas roman af samme navn.
Director of Photography Axel Sørensen
Appearances Oda Alstrup, Robert Storm Petersen, Lauritz Olsen, Gustav Lund
Production country Denmark
Production companies Nordisk Films Kompagni
Technical info 266 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 16.10.1907
Cinemas Kosmorama (København)
Find more Biografbladet 15/03/1931.


Production companies Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Viggo Larsen


Cinematography Axel Sørensen


Marguerite Gauthier Oda Alstrup
Gustave Robert Storm Petersen
En herre Lauritz Olsen
Armands far Gustav Lund
Armand Viggo Larsen
Appearance Helga Tønnesen
Appearance Inger Melchior
Appearance Carl Alstrup

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