Frederik Louis Hviid, Denmark, 2015

DK/Short fictionFilm school films

The options for David is narrowing down when he realizes that he no longer is able to find the resources to pay off his weary stepfather¿s debt. The responsibilities are weighing on David, who reluctantly agrees to take the step from petty crimes to a large-scale bank robbery orchestrated by his friend, Philip. But the power and the money seem to arouse a lurking greed, and soon David¿s willpower is put to the test.
Basic information Credits
Original title King
Danish title King
Keywords Greed, Father-son relation, Debt, Crime
Director Frederik Louis Hviid
Screenplay Frederik Louis Hviid, Frederik With-Seidelin Skov
Director of Photography Jacob Møller
Editor Mik Stampe Fogh
Sound Mark Vesterskov
Production country Denmark
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Production company Super16


Direction Frederik Louis Hviid


Script Frederik Louis Hviid
Script Frederik With-Seidelin Skov


Cinematography Jacob Møller

Electrical dept.

Assistant lighting technician Andreas Carbel
Assistant lighting technician Steffen Benger
Assistant lighting technician Rasmus Rønberg


Editing Mik Stampe Fogh
Mix Kristoffer Salting


Sound Mark Vesterskov

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