The Cloud Mystery

Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen, Denmark, 2008

52 min.DK/Documentary

The Cloud Mystery is a scientific detective story. It tells how a Danish scientist, Henrik Svensmark, through pioneering experiments in Copenhagen, solved the puzzle of how supernova explosions in our Galaxy and variations in the Sun govern climate changes on the Earth. Scarcely audible above the noise about global warming, Svensmark has reported a new kind of aerial chemistry triggered by events in our Galaxy that shower our planet with atomic particles ¿ the cosmic rays. This celestial mechanism determines cloudiness and temperatures on Earth. It is so powerful that we now have to re-evaluate the causes of global warming.
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Original title Klimamysteriet
Danish title Klimamysteriet
Other titles Klima-mysteriet
Keywords Earth, Climate, Climate changes, Global warming, Sun, The, Cosmic radiation, Skies, Svensmark, Henrik
Director Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen
Director of Photography Bo Tengberg, Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen
Editor Niels Ostenfeld
Composer Simon Ravn
Production country Denmark
Production company Mortensen Film
International sales
Technical info color
TV release 16.01.2008, TV 2
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Mortensen Film


Direction Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen


Cinematography Bo Tengberg
Cinematography Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen


Editing Niels Ostenfeld


Music Simon Ravn

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