Cathedrals of Culture: The National Library of Russia

Michael Glawogger, Germany, 2014

26 min.Documentary

Since its inauguration in 1814, the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, designed by Yegor Sokolov, has seen more than its fair share of tumultuous national history. Its walls guard a kingdom of thoughts that go back even further, tenderly maintained by the library's largely female staff. Their echoing heels punctuate the silence in the library's increasingly empty rooms. In Michael Glawogger's "The National Library of Russia", the library speaks through chosen excerpts of its finest literature. Beyond the library's walls lies a world that has grown increasingly reliant on invisible clouds of data to store our knowledge, and libraries, bookstores, and bookshelves are evaporating. The National Library of Russia is a reminder of the ephemeral beauty of books, their shelters, and their human protectors.
Basic information Credits
Original title Cathedrals of Culture: The National Library of Russia
Danish title Kulturkatedraler: Det russiske nationalbibliotek
Director Michael Glawogger
Screenplay Michael Glawogger
Producer Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn
Director of Photography Wolfgang Thaler
Editor Monika Willi
Composer Wolfgang Mitterer
Production country Germany, Austria
Dialogue language English
Danish festival release 29.03.2014, DR Byen, Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2014
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Neue Road Movies


Direction Michael Glawogger


Script Michael Glawogger


Producer Tommy Pridnig
Producer Peter Wirthensohn


Director of Photography Wolfgang Thaler
Director of Stereography Joséphine Derobe
Stereographer Sebastian Cramer
Steadicam Torben Meldgaard Andersen


Stills Wolfgang Thaler


Editing Monika Willi


Music Wolfgang Mitterer

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