Cathedrals of Culture: The Salk Institute

Robert Redford, Germany, 2014

26 min.Documentary

In 1959, famed virologist Jonas Salk asked the architect Louis Kahn to design his dream for a new kind of research institute - a place, as he put it, where Picasso would feel at home. He imagined a "monastery" on the California coast that allowed scientists to work in tune with nature and unfettered by the distractions of the modern world. Robert Redford's "Salk Institute" reveals Kahn's final design as a modern masterpiece, a romance of angles. Contemplating the building, the film urges a larger conversation about the existential qualities of a space. Can the soul of a building influence and inspire those who work there to achieve great things? Set to the music of Moby, the film is a tribute to two innovators who shared a belief in design serving the highest of human ideals.
Basic information Credits
Original title Cathedrals of Culture: The Salk Institute
Danish title Kulturkatedraler: Salk Instituttet
Director Robert Redford
Screenplay Anthony Lappé
Producer Laura Michalchyshyn, Sidney Beaumont
Director of Photography Ed Lachmann
Editor Jim Helton
Composer Moby
Production country Germany, United States
Dialogue language English
Danish festival release 29.03.2014, DR Byen, Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2014
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Neue Road Movies


Direction Robert Redford


Script Anthony Lappé


Producer Laura Michalchyshyn
Producer Sidney Beaumont


Director of Photography Ed Lachmann
Director of Stereography Joséphine Derobe


Stills Ed Lachmann


Editing Jim Helton


Music Moby

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