Lakha - The Life Of A Tibetan Lama

Majbritt Munck, Denmark, 1990

50 min.DK/Documentary

A personal picture of a Tibetan lama: From his crowning at the age of three as the 17th reincarnation of Lakha to the escape from Tibet to India. His present life in Denmark and the reunion with his country and his people in June 1989 after 40 years in exile.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lakha - En tibetansk lamas liv
Danish title Lakha - En tibetansk lamas liv
Keywords Tibet, Refugees, Lama, Lakha, Buddhism
Director Majbritt Munck
Director of Photography Nikolai Østergaard, Jon C. Jensen, Majbritt Munck
Editor Kim Damgaard
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Majbritt Munck


Cinematography Nikolai Østergaard
Cinematography Jon C. Jensen
Cinematography Majbritt Munck


Editing Kim Damgaard

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