Lars og Peter

Daniel Joseph Borgman, Denmark, 2009

15 min.DK/Short fiction

Lars is naïve and innocent, all he wants is for his father to be happy and his family to be together. Lars' mother is gone and life has been empty and dysfunctional without her. On the eve of his birthday, Lars' dad, Peter, gets himself drunk and after an embarrassing argument with the next-door neighbour, Alma, ends up masturbating in the backyard. Lars sees everything. Now things are worse than ever. He is alone, struggling to understand what he has seen, left to figure everything out by himself.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lars og Peter
Danish title Lars og Peter
Director Daniel Joseph Borgman
Screenplay Daniel Joseph Borgman
Producer Katja Adomeit
Director of Photography Niels Buchholzer
Editor Dorrit Andersen
Sound Håkon Garpestad
Appearance Jacob August Ottensten, Stephan Pollner, Lisa Carlehed, Gorm Villads Jørholt
Production country Denmark
International sales TrustNordisk
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Production company Twolittleghosts, Zentropa Productions


Direction Daniel Joseph Borgman


Script Daniel Joseph Borgman


Producer Katja Adomeit


Cinematography Niels Buchholzer


Editing Dorrit Andersen


Sound Håkon Garpestad


Appearance Jacob August Ottensten
Appearance Stephan Pollner
Appearance Lisa Carlehed
Appearance Gorm Villads Jørholt

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