Let''s be together

Nanna Frank Møller, Denmark, 2008

75 min.DK/Documentary

Hairon, a 14-year-old boy, is fascinated by women''s clothes. He wears high heels, make-up and has fake nails. Living in a small town with his mother, his stepfather and 4 younger brothers, his dress code is quite a challenge for everyone. Hairon''s mother takes her son on a trip to Brazil to meet his biological father, Marchello, who is far from happy by the vision of the dressed-up boy. The two males go through quite a dogfight, until Hairon''s father admits that he himself is gay and has been working for years as a drag artist.
Basic information Credits
Original title Let''s be together
Danish title Let''s be together
Other titles Næsten voksen
Keywords Young people, Drags, Homosexuality, Brazil, 2000-2009
Director Nanna Frank Møller
Producer Mette Heide, Helle Faber
Director of Photography Nanna Frank Møller
Editor Åsa Mossberg, Marlene Billie Andreasen
Sound Niels Arild
Composer Sebastian Öberg, Magnus Jarlbo
Production country Denmark
International sales DR International Sales
Technical info color, Stereo
Danish festival release 11.11.2008, Empire, Cph:Dox
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Team Productions Aps, Bastard Film


Direction Nanna Frank Møller


Producer Mette Heide
Producer Helle Faber


Cinematography Nanna Frank Møller


Stills Helle Moos


Editing Åsa Mossberg
Editing Marlene Billie Andreasen


Music Sebastian Öberg
Music Magnus Jarlbo


Sound Niels Arild

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