A lie

Katrine Høyberg, Denmark, 1993

6 min.DK/Short fiction

The dream with or without reason, of something obscure, where shall I find and what, am I ungratefull. Believe sometimes, too often doubt the trifles, that are the base of the fruit at the core, and that which I long to see, when I have created with infinite joy and satisfaction, I find myself in longing to ravage, destroy, to build and move on.
Basic information Credits
Original title A lie
Danish title A lie
Other titles Video Bar [1993], Løgnen
Director Katrine Høyberg
Screenplay Katrine Høyberg
Director of Photography Casper Høyberg, Steen Dalin
Editor Bynke Maibøll, Katrine Høyberg
Sound Jurij Pavalovski, Andreas Koch, Katrine Høyberg
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Katrine Høyberg


Script Katrine Høyberg


Cinematography Casper Høyberg
Cinematography Steen Dalin


Editing Bynke Maibøll
Editing Katrine Høyberg


Sound Jurij Pavalovski
Sound Andreas Koch
Sound Katrine Høyberg

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