Cities for People

Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen, Denmark, 2000

57 min.DK/Documentary

Jan Gehl, a Danish architect has spent a generation studying our behavioral patterns in cities. In this film Gehl travels around the Nordic cities and explains why some cities are inviting and how others actually repel us, leaving us cold. It's not a question of being aesthetically beautiful or ugly, but rather a question of whether a city-center is suited to our senses and movements. »Cities for People« shows how we conduct ourselves in cities and how our senses of sight, hearing, speaking and feeling respond to them.
Basic information Credits
Original title Livet mellem husene
Danish title Livet mellem husene
Keywords Urban planning, Urban environment, Housing environment, Architecture, 2000-2009
Director Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen
Screenplay Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen, Jan Gehl
Producer Mette Heide
Director of Photography Bo Tengberg
Editor Irene G. Scholten
Sound Iben Haahr Andersen, Claus Pedersen, Christian Lørup
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution DFI/Distribution & Formidling
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Peter Bech Film
Domestic distribution DFI/Distribution & Formidling


Direction Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen


Script Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen
Script Jan Gehl


Producer Mette Heide


Cinematography Bo Tengberg


Editing Irene G. Scholten


Sound Iben Haahr Andersen
Sound Claus Pedersen
Sound Christian Lørup

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