The wages of sin

Alfred Cohn, Denmark, 1918

DK/FeatureDrama, MelodramaSilent films

A tale of sorrow, love, greed and justice. The young Elisa Fontana is forced into marrying the loathsome Jan v. Goll because her father owes money to Jan’s father, the banker V. Goll. Ingo, a pastor to the poor, appears and helps Elisa in her distress. The two fall in love, but their love faces an abundance of obstacles.
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Original title Livets Stormagter
Danish title Livets Stormagter
Director Alfred Cohn
Screenplay Djalmar Christofersen
Appearance Olaf Fønss, Albrecht Schmidt, Alma Hinding, Cajus Bruun
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Kinografen
Technical info 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 22.04.1918
Cinemas Kinografen
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Production company Kinografen
Domestic distribution Kinografen


Direction Alfred Cohn


Script Djalmar Christofersen


Ingo Theoso Olaf Fønss
Grev Fontana Albrecht Schmidt
Comtesse Elisa, grevens datter Alma Hinding
Bankier von Goll Cajus Bruun
Jan von Goll Robert Schmidt
Ingos mor Augusta Blad
Didier Manon Gudrun Bruun Stephensen

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