London is at the North pole

Achim Wendel, Germany, 2009

Short fiction

Since an accident in his childhood, the 15-years-old Peter is mentally disabled. He
cannot read and write, cannot go on excursion without his mother and he barely has
contact to people of the same age. Especially in a phase of life where other teenagers
think about their future or have fi rst relationships, Peter is becoming aware of the fact
that he is an outsider. By reading comics he flees into a fantasy world and dreams of
doing something great to obtain acceptance of others - just like his idol Spiderman.
But the reality is different. When Peter meets the 14-years-old Laura, in an idyllic open
air pool on a summer afternoon, he tries to catch up with her clique. Even though his
attempts are not successful, he is undergoing a development which is realistic as well as
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Original title London liegt am Nordpol
Danish title London ligger på Nordpolen
Keywords Young people, Outsiders, mentally disabled, The
Director Achim Wendel
Screenplay Andreas Klee
Producer Benjamin Huber
Director of Photography Michael Heinz
Composer Peter Gromer
Appearance Lukas Krämer, Jana Müller, Tim Meter
Production country Germany
Production company Langmatt Media
International sales
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Langmatt Media


Direction Achim Wendel


Script Andreas Klee


Producer Benjamin Huber


Cinematography Michael Heinz


Stills Steven Van Veen
Stills Stephan Garcon
Stills Stephan Bungarten


Music Peter Gromer


Peter Lukas Krämer
Laura Jana Müller
Kevin Tim Meter

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