Lux Aeterna

26 min.DK/Short fiction

The young and ambitious journalist Helene gets the story that could make her career, when she discovers a secret invention by the Danish-born top scientist Ellen Franklin, but as the invention’s potential for catastrophic consequences become clear to her, she is forced to consider how much personal ambitions are allowed to cost both oneself and the world.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lux Aeterna
Danish title Lux Aeterna
Director Edith Ursula Fabritius Tvede
Screenplay Edith Ursula Fabritius Tvede, Nicklas Tägtström Møller
Producer Charlotte Sne Hoen
Director of Photography Kim Bech
Editor Edith Ursula Fabritius Tvede, Ask Kroager Lund
Sound Max Thelin, Mads Skjøtt Stagis
Composer Lasse Aagaard
Production designer Dorothea Halldórsdóttir, Signe Høiholm Fejer
Appearance Ghita Nørby, Ditte Ylva Olsen, Kim Sønderholm, Niels Olsen
Production country Denmark
Danish festival release 27.08.2018, SVEND Danmarks Film- og Kulturdage
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Production company Tvede Film, SnowFilm


Direction Edith Ursula Fabritius Tvede


Screenplay Edith Ursula Fabritius Tvede
Screenplay Nicklas Tägtström Møller


Producer Charlotte Sne Hoen
Production manager Amalie Viktoria Møgelberg


Cinematographer Kim Bech
Camera operator Emil Aagaard
Camera operator Baldvin Vernharðsson
DIT Johannes Sprogøe Fletting
Drone operator Tomas Byg-Fabritius

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Kasper Jack Larsen


Editor Edith Ursula Fabritius Tvede
Editor Ask Kroager Lund


Composer Lasse Aagaard

Production design

Production designer Dorothea Halldórsdóttir
Production designer Signe Høiholm Fejer


Costume designer Natalie Rask Samdahl


Sound engineer Max Thelin
Sound designer Mads Skjøtt Stagis

Visual effects

Colourist Kristopher Paterson
VFX artist Giancarlo Gallinoro


Ellen Franklin Ghita Nørby
Helene Ditte Ylva Olsen
Stuart Kim Sønderholm
Alexander Niels Olsen
Christian Paw Terndrup

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