Malakota - jeg er Lakota

Hans-Henrik Jørgensen, Denmark, 2000

61 min.DK/Documentary

For nearly a hundred years - from 1883 to 1978 - the North American Indians were deprived of the right to teach in their own language, pursue their own culture, or perform their own rituals and ceremonies. One such tribe was the Lakota Indians of South Dakota, one of the poorest of all. Today the Lakota elders are trying to extend knowledge of their traditional spiritualism and philosophy: local schools teach children Lakota, and a number of community schemes have been launched to ensure that native arts and crafts are passed on to future generations. For a time the tribe seemed doomed, but now it looks as if its members will continue to be able to say 'Malakota - I am Lakota!'
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Original title Malakota - jeg er Lakota
Danish title Malakota - jeg er Lakota
Keywords Indians, USA, Cultural meetings, Sioux indians, South Dakota, Repression, 2000-2009
Director Hans-Henrik Jørgensen
Screenplay Hans-Henrik Jørgensen
Producer Preben Seltoft
Director of Photography Steen Møller Rasmussen, Simon Steensen, Hans-Henrik Jørgensen
Editor Christin Illeborg
Sound Ole Ørsted
Production country Denmark
Production company S. Film
Domestic distribution DFI/Distribution & Formidling
Technical info color
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company S. Film
Domestic distribution DFI/Distribution & Formidling


Direction Hans-Henrik Jørgensen


Script Hans-Henrik Jørgensen


Producer Preben Seltoft


Cinematography Steen Møller Rasmussen
Cinematography Simon Steensen
Cinematography Hans-Henrik Jørgensen


Editing Christin Illeborg


Sound Ole Ørsted

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