Saving Saddam

Esteban Uyarra, Denmark, 2008

51 min.DK/Documentary

Canadian Bill Wiley came to Iraq to ensure that Saddam Hussein gets a fair trial. But how fair will he manage to make the trial? As the judge walks out, defence lawyers are murdered, and the trial becomes ever more bizarre. Will Bill manage to change Iraq's notion of right and wrong, or will Iraq change Bill's belief in law? Bill is working in Iraq for the UN, observing the trial, but he is soon appointed by the American government to advise Saddam Hussein's defence. The trial cannot be seen to be fair without a proper defence. This is Bill's most difficult assignment yet. He will help Saddam's defence team whether they want it or not.
Basic information Credits
Original title Manden der ville redde Saddam
Danish title Manden der ville redde Saddam
Keywords Iraq, Trials, Hussein, Saddam, War criminals
Director Esteban Uyarra
Co-director Michael Christoffersen
Producer Mette Heide, Michael Christoffersen
Director of Photography Esteban Uyarra
Editor Erez Laufer, Brian Tagg, Mikkel Sangstad
Composer Jeff Atmajian
Appearance Saddam Hussein, Bill Wiley, Najeeb Al-Nauimi
Production country Denmark
International sales DR International Sales
Technical info color, Sound
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15
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Production company Team Productions Aps


Direction Esteban Uyarra
Co-director Michael Christoffersen


Producer Mette Heide
Producer Michael Christoffersen


Cinematography Esteban Uyarra


Stills Esteban Uyarra


Editing Erez Laufer
Editing Brian Tagg
Editing Mikkel Sangstad


Music Jeff Atmajian


Appearance Saddam Hussein
Appearance Bill Wiley
Appearance Najeeb Al-Nauimi

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