The migrants - a tale of three migrants and their roots

Niels Boel, Denmark, 2009

50 min.DK/Documentary

Three young people have migrated from the Bolivian countryside in search for a better life. Gregorio and his wife have a small illegal sweatshop in Buenos Aires. His brother Florencio is an illegal migrant to Madrid. And the beloved one of the latter, Sonia, is a housemaid in the Bolivian capital La Paz. All three are haunted by nostalgia of homeland. Gregorio wants to use all his spare money to host the annual fiesta back in his home village. And Sonia wants to become a nurse in order to be useful for the poor people back in her parent¿s village.
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Original title Migranterne
Danish title Migranterne
Keywords Migrant workers, Migration, Living conditions, Values, Poverty, Bolivia, 2000-2009
Director Niels Boel
Director of Photography Steen Møller Rasmussen
Editor Birger Møller Jensen
Sound Jeppe Jungersen, Lars Halvorsen
Composer Eduardo Agni, Abraham Bojorquez
Production country Denmark
Production company VF Film & Video
Domestic distribution VF Film & Video
Danish theatrical release 11.09.2009
Cinemas Vester Vov Vov samt 8 biografer i provinsen


Production company VF Film & Video
Domestic distribution VF Film & Video


Direction Niels Boel


Research Antonieta Medeiros
Translation Alicia Condori
Translation Nela Rivera Quezada
Translation Edwin Zurita
Translation Ellen Gammelgaard
Translation Niels Boel


Cinematography Steen Møller Rasmussen


Stills Jeppe Jungersen
Stills Lars Halvorsen


Editing Birger Møller Jensen


Music Eduardo Agni
Music Abraham Bojorquez

Production design

Drawings Antonieta Medeiros


Sound Jeppe Jungersen
Sound Lars Halvorsen
Sound editor Sebastian Eskildsen


Voice Edwin Zurita

Visual effects

Colourist Bjarne Stevne Nielsen

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