The Morphinist

Louis von Kohl, Denmark, 1911

DK/FeatureDramaSilent films

The young peasant girl Mary is seduced by the sly, morphine-dependent stock market trader John Robert and travels with him to Copenhagen. Unaware of his addiction as well as his status as a married family man, Mary dreams of a magnificent wedding. When the truth comes to light, she immediately leaves her fraudulent beau. But soon fate offers her an opportunity for revenge.
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Original title Morfinisten
Danish title Morfinisten
International titles Två människor, Die Morphinisten, Donna e morfina (Il morfinomane), Il morfinomane o donna e morfina
Director Louis von Kohl
Screenplay Lily van der Aa Kühle
Director of Photography Alfred Lind
Appearance Albrecht Schmidt, Vera Fjelstrup, Robert Schmidt, Lilli Beck
Production country Denmark
Technical info 900 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 17.04.1911
Cinemas Kosmorama (København) til 3/5 1911
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Production company Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus


Direction Louis von Kohl


Script Lily van der Aa Kühle


Cinematography Alfred Lind


John Robert, børsspekulant Albrecht Schmidt
Ella, børsspekulantens datter Vera Fjelstrup
Lord Mac Duncan Robert Schmidt
Mary, en lille pige fra landet Lilli Beck
Abraham Podaisky, buntmager Alfred Cohn
En danserinde Karen Lindahl
En anden danserinde Ella Jacobsen
Appearance Einar Zangenberg
Appearance Richard Jensen
Sundflyveren Robert Svendsen

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