My Neighbour is a Bear

Stig Bilde, Jeanette Schou, Denmark, 1991

28 min.DK/Documentary

After Glasnost, Riga has again become visible on the map of Europe. The city opens with its history, its ancient streets and the Daugava River. Interviews and pictures tell of Latvia's history and about daily life under a system where the problems often border on the absurd. The struggle for independence of Latvia takes a lot of courage.
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Original title My Neighbour is a Bear
Danish title My Neighbour is a Bear
Keywords Latvia, Riga, Independency
Director Stig Bilde, Jeanette Schou
Screenplay Stig Bilde, Jeanette Schou
Director of Photography Stig Bilde, Jeanette Schou
Editor Stig Bilde, Jeanette Schou
Sound Stig Bilde, Jeanette Schou
Production country Denmark
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Production company Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Stig Bilde
Direction Jeanette Schou


Script Stig Bilde
Script Jeanette Schou


Cinematography Stig Bilde
Cinematography Jeanette Schou


Editing Stig Bilde
Editing Jeanette Schou


Sound Stig Bilde
Sound Jeanette Schou

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