24 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

A story about two families who live well in a big, vigorous tree. They produce incessantly and attach importance to the fact that the children get the right habits. And they live lucratively on the poor and hungry workers who make the tree grow. But the families start fighting against each other, and the production pollutes. The children - the boy from one family and the girl from the other - fall in love with each other and run away to the repressed people. An allegory on the earth which we share.
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Original title Naboer
Danish title Naboer
Director Morten Thorning, Kristian Paludan
Screenplay Kristian Paludan
Director of Photography Sven Pors Jensen, Jørgen Skov Larsen, Morten Thorning
Editor Jørgen Skov Larsen
Production country Denmark
TV release 28.01.1992, DR
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Folkekirkens Nødhjælp


Direction Morten Thorning
Direction Kristian Paludan


Script Kristian Paludan


Cinematography Sven Pors Jensen
Cinematography Jørgen Skov Larsen
Cinematography Morten Thorning


Editing Jørgen Skov Larsen


Animation Erik Mogensen
Animation Merete Kiilerich
Animation Rune Fleischer

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Program - stumfilm & mikro
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