When You Wake

Mads Matthiesen, Denmark, 2005

22 min.DK/Short fiction

Johan is busy destroying his relationship to his girlfriend Julie. He¿s no longer himself, and he behaves egoistically and without emotions towards her. It is only a question of time before the love, that once was, is gone. Early one morning after a night out Johan meets a stranger. A man who confronts Johan with his cynical and destructive path.
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Original title Når man vågner
Danish title Når man vågner
Other titles When You Wake
Director Mads Matthiesen
Screenplay Mads Matthiesen, André Babikian
Producer Pau La Cour, Mads Matthiesen
Director of Photography Martin Top Jacobsen
Editor Mads Matthiesen, Martin Pieter Zandvliet
Sound Carl Plesner
Composer Sune Martin
Appearances André Babikian, Laura Drasbæk, Peter Dam-Ottesen
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Production companies Filmværkstedet / DFI
Technical info 16:9


Production companies Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Mads Matthiesen
Assistant director Michael Noer
Assistant director Kristoffer Zöllner


Screenplay Mads Matthiesen
Screenplay André Babikian


Producer Pau La Cour
Producer Mads Matthiesen
Production manager Pau La Cour
Production assistant Sarah Diallo


Cinematography Martin Top Jacobsen


Stills Linn Sandholm


Editor Mads Matthiesen
Editor Martin Pieter Zandvliet


Music Sune Martin

Production design

Set designer Mona Schmidt
Set designer Kristine Køster
Assistant production designer Alberto Arche


Makeup Elena Ranild


Sound Carl Plesner

Visual effects

Visual effects Jakob Juul


Appearance André Babikian
Appearance Laura Drasbæk
Appearance Peter Dam-Ottesen

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