Nobody Passes Perfectly

Saskia Bischoff Bisp, Denmark, 2009

43 min.DK/Documentary

"Nobody Passes Perfectly" is a subtle, humoristic and thought evoking film about the courage to change oneself radically. In beautiful filmic tableaux, debut director Saskia Bisp invites her audience to places where the gender isn't a predefined condition, dictated only by biology, but a very personal part of the self that can be challenged, investigated and altered. Meet Tomka who is right in the middle of such a process. He lives in a very loving relationship with his Lesbian girlfriend Lotte. Together they try to imagine what his transitioning will mean for their relationship. And meet Erik, who was once a heterosexual woman, and has finally decided to live his life as a man.
Basic information Credits
Original title Nobody Passes Perfectly
Danish title Nobody Passes Perfectly
Keywords Gender identity, Trans sexuals
Director Saskia Bischoff Bisp
Producer Vibeke Vogel, Elise Lund Larsen
Director of Photography Minka Jakerson
Editor Åsa Mossberg
Production country Denmark
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Bullitt Film


Direction Saskia Bischoff Bisp


Producer Vibeke Vogel
Producer Elise Lund Larsen


Cinematography Minka Jakerson


Editing Åsa Mossberg

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