Northern Lights

Kristoffer Kiørboe, Denmark, 2009

27 min.DK/DocumentaryFilm school films

Two brothers embark on a journey north to find the northern lights, but what they're really searching for is each other and the intimacy they once shared. Somehow, though, smiles turn into silence. Samuel, the older brother, is brain-damaged and the younger brother, Simon, has an important decision to make concerning himself and Samuel, but Simon's efforts to get through to his brother seem to be in vain. Simon and Samuel set off to find the northern lights. But how do you find the northern lights, and how do you find the light within yourself?
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Nordlys
Danish title Nordlys
Other titles Northern Lights
Keywords Brothers, Siblings, Brain damaged, Denmark
Director Kristoffer Kiørboe
Producer Rasmus Kastberg
Director of Photography Martin Munch
Editor Peter Winther
Sound Frank Mølgaard Knudsen
Composer Mikkel Lentz
Appearances Simon Sears, Samuel Sears
Production country Denmark
Production companies Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole
Technical info 2,35:1 Scope, color, Dolby stereo
Danish theatrical release 27.06.2009
Cinemas Empire


Production companies Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole


Direction Kristoffer Kiørboe


Producer Rasmus Kastberg


Cinematography Martin Munch


Editing Peter Winther


Music Mikkel Lentz


Sound engineer Frank Mølgaard Knudsen
Sound Andreas Kongsgaard Mogensen
Assistant Emil Weck


Appearance Simon Sears
Appearance Samuel Sears

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