The anatomy of evil

Ove Nyholm, Denmark, 2005

93 min.DK/Documentary

»The Anatomy of Evil« is the result of persistent research that has led director Ove Nyholm on a world journey to answer controversial questions: What makes ordinary people commit mass slaughtering and indulge in genocide during war time? And how do they get on with their everyday life having hundreds of killings on their conscience? The director introduces us to the executioners who each have a personal history that explains their involvement in the most cruel genocides in Europe during the last fifty years - from Holocaust to the recent tragedy in the Balkans.
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Original title Ondskabens anatomi
Danish title Ondskabens anatomi
Keywords Genocide, Evil, War, War criminals, Evil, Torture
Director Ove Nyholm
Screenplay Ove Nyholm
Producer Mogens Glad, Poul Erik Lindeborg, Janne Giese
Director of Photography Dan Holmberg, Dirk Brüel
Editor Ghita Beckendorff
Sound Morten Green
Production country Denmark, Norway, Iceland
Production company Digital Film
Domestic distribution Angel Films
International sales Angel Films A/S / Stockholmsgade 43, kld. / 2100 København Ø / t +45 7070 2270 / c +45 2062 7764 / f +45 7070 2271 / info@angelfilms.dk / www.angelfilms.dk
Festival information Danish Film Institute
Technical info 2530 meter, 35 mm, color, Sound
Danish festival release 06.11.2005, Cinemateket, vist i serien "Ondskab" på cph:dox International Filmfestival 2005
Danish theatrical release 25.11.2005
Cinemas Grand
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 15


Production company Digital Film
Domestic distribution Angel Films


Direction Ove Nyholm


Script Ove Nyholm


Producer Mogens Glad
Producer Poul Erik Lindeborg
Producer Janne Giese


Cinematography Dan Holmberg
Cinematography Dirk Brüel


Editing Ghita Beckendorff


Sound Morten Green

Awards and nominations

Award Year Festival
Gold Dok Best Feature Lenght Dok 2006 CPH:DOX 2006

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2006-10-24
Bergen International Film festival 2006-10-20
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2006-08-26
Krakow Film Festival 2006-05-30
Warszawa, Against Gravity 2006-05-12
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2006-03-10
Göteborg International Film Festival 2006-01-27
Amsterdam, IDFA 2005-11-24
CPH:DOX 2005-11-04
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