Out of bounds

Jørn Faurschou, Denmark, 1987

40 min.DK/Short fictionYouth films

A short fiction film about ideals, friendship, soccer and boys. Bobo and Eno are, as all other boys, keen on soccer. But Eno turns out to be more talented than Bobo, and he ends up on a very ambitious soccer team. This breaks up their friendship, and both boys seem to suffer. As Eno's mother puts it: »Even if you are good at dribbling - don't dribble away from your friends.«
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Original title Over stregen
Danish title Over stregen
Keywords Soccer, Children's lives, Friendship
Director Jørn Faurschou
Screenplay Jørn Faurschou, Thorstein Thomsen
Director of Photography Christina Voigt
Editor Edda Urup
Sound Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen
Composer Jan Irhøj
Appearance Morten Lykke, Ulrik Bjerg-Petersen, Elisabeth A. Haslund, Eva Jensen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info color
Danish theatrical release 14.11.1987
Cinemas Tivoli Bio
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Production company Jens Ravn Film, Saga Video & Kortfilm
Executive Producer Fairwood Production
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Jørn Faurschou


Script Jørn Faurschou
Script Thorstein Thomsen


Cinematography Christina Voigt


Editing Edda Urup


Music Jan Irhøj


Sound Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen


Appearance Morten Lykke
Appearance Ulrik Bjerg-Petersen
Appearance Elisabeth A. Haslund
Appearance Eva Jensen
Appearance Ulla-Britta Borksand
Appearance Lene Maimu
Appearance Holger Vistisen
Appearance Dick Kaysø
Appearance Claus Flygare
Appearance Bendt Hildebrandt
Appearance Steen Svare
Appearance Jørn Gottlieb

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